The most effective sites are also the best-maintained

It doesn’t matter how great your site design is, how well you rank in Google, or which cutting-edge features you build—at the end of the day, your site needs to work. As internet users become increasingly tech-savvy, their expectations rise. Your site needs to be fast, secure, and bug-free, or they’ll move on to your competitor.

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We perform high-quality maintenance at volume

Web Wizard hosts and maintains over 100 sites and responds to nearly 1,000 tickets per year.

98% Client Satisfaction

2.5 Hr Avg. Response Time

24 hours Most tickets are resolved


UK-based development team

Dedicated support staff

Hosting and maintaining sites since 2015!

Pricing & Solutions

Maintenance packages start at £250/month. We’re not the cheapest option, but we’re great at what we do. Our website maintenance services are designed to be flexible around your current and future needs, including:

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting & Bug Fixes
  • CMS & Plugin Updates
  • Speed Optimization
  • Security & Hack Prevention
  • Content & Feature Updates
  • Managed Hosting
  • Compliance (Data & Accessibility)
  • SEO & Analytics Reporting
  • Custom Design & Development

Our clients are generally looking for a mix of proactive and reactive updates to their sites.

Proactive updates include regularly scheduled WordPress and plugin updates—which can be done monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly— performance/speed optimization, security testing, PHP updates, and any other recurring task. We prefer to have these on a set schedule and protect those hours from being taken for other tasks.

Reactive work is a combination of changes requested by our clients, new features, implementation of growth marketing recommendations, urgent issues, hacks, and generally anything that can’t be planned in advance.

We believe the ideal scenario is to have the same company host and maintain your site. When our team has control over both the hosting and development environment, we can reduce bugs, improve stability, optimize load times, and increase monitoring and security.

Web Wizard uses dedicated servers and can host sites in the UK and internationally, including high-traffic, highly secure environments.

If you’re not worried about your site being hacked, you haven’t been paying attention. Web Wizard helps large companies and small businesses alike. In addition to active development and hosting security, we help avoid issues by advising our clients on the kinds of data you shouldn’t even process on your site.

Common services include: application security, data security, compliance, security hardening, testing, secure access, backups, redundancy, version control, monitoring and alarms, 24/7 support and malware detection.

In addition to standard maintenance, we also have optional after hours support for both websites and hosting.

  • After hours support is perfect for emergency situations such as hacks, major bugs, legal content issues.
  • The issue can be escalated to on-call developers.
  • We can support after hours requirements in the UK, or urgent needs during regular business hours around the globe.
    £200/month provides access to support. Additional hourly charges may be required based on the situation.

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