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Website Conversion Auditing

Website conversion auditing is the process of analysing a websites conversion ability and current conversion performance from all traffic sources. XYZ offers an extensive conversion auditing service that will report on how effective a specified website is at converting. Conversion data will be requested from a client to work out how effective the website has converted its total volume of visitors over X time.

Website conversion auditing can be of significant benefit to online businesses as it can expose weakness or flaws during the conversion process. It can also identify which channels generate conversion and how much each conversion has cost to generate using an array of mathematics.

We look at each channels (Direct, Referral, SEO, Pay Per Click and Other Sources) and analyses how many conversions generated per total volume of visitors over varying intervals to establish conversion cost, ROI totals, conversion performance per channel.

We also look at budget and spend to establish overall how much ROI is being generated and where improvements could be made to improve ROI further without increasing spend / budget.
Our reports are incredibly detailed and useful in determining which channels are working and which aren’t, this allows businesses to make informed decisions about future marketing, marketing spend and ad targets.

Why should I consider conversion auditing for my business?

Your business could help a business increase ROI and turnover, or reduce its budget without losing out on valuable enquiries / revenue generation. Conversion auditing will also highlight areas of the website where conversion is hindered or made more difficult either due to usability or website accessibility.

We also looks at the steps from popular website entry points to conversion stage be it a product sale or service enquiry.

Alongside the points above, a business will be able to understand how each marketing channel performs, which is a common issue for businesses trying to establish where to place a majority of spend.

What factors impact on a websites conversion ability?

There are hundreds of common issues which impact on a websites ability to convert, the biggest of them being: website usability and accessibility, difficult checkout or enquiry process, poor website layout, insufficient or irrelevant content, poor website loading speed, excessively long form filling stages, difficult to read or submit Catchphrase spam protectors, poorly placed contact details and forms.

XYZ offers a comprehensive conversion auditing service which will cover all the main issues related to converting visitors into enquiries / business.

Can ROI be improved by an actionable conversion auditing report?

Yes, any reports generated during the conversion auditing stage will be actionable; this will detail and highlight all major issues with the website, accessibility, usability, layout, data availability etc. Return on investment can be improved by both sides of the service (Website issues and channel spend allocation).

If the websites main conversions stem from design or layout, XYZ will make clear recommendations on design or usability / accessibility changes. If the conversion issues stem from marketing channels than channels will be recommended for an increased or decreased spend depending on past and current conversion performance.

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