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Professional SEO

SEO is not dead..it has just transformed into Organic Search Marketing

Speak to the us about a New Age SEO/OSM campaign to drive your organic traffic, sales and leads online
An adaptive forward thinking SEO strategy

SEO is an ever changing fast paced environment thanks to Google who is on impervious battle to kill spam..In the past it was easy for businesses to grow online through spammy SEO tactics and SEO trickery but since Penguin 2.0 this is no longer the case.We have tailored a new form of SEO or Organic Search Marketing as we call is a convergence of Online PR, Content Marketing, Technical best practice and Online Market research that drives our clients site’s traffic, growth and sales…

What you will not find with XYZ:

Cookie cutter approaches to SEO: 5 keyword, 10 keyword , 15 keyword pack.
Spammy link building tactics for the sake of links: We believe links are Online PR and not a means for search engine deception
Bogus guarantees or unrealistic expectation: Integrity is everything.
What you will get when working with OMG:

SEO and Organic Search marketing that is traffic focussed

Realistic expectations and integrity in the delivery of work
Market leading and safe SEO tactics that drive traffic, ranking and business growth
SEO is not about page 1 rankings..its about Traffic and attracting the right customers
We think a little bit differently then our competition. For us its not just about getting your site ranking on page 1 for any and every keyword at cost. For us we see that business growth is delivered through strong, steady, safe and ongoing increases in organic traffic. Because of these forward thinking and traffic focused values you can rest assured we will not engage in deceptive, black hat techniques that will harm the long term growth and longevity of your SEO and business growth

Not all SEO companies are the same

We understand that the process of selecting an SEO or OSM vendor can be confusing and daunting. You have probably spoken to 3 or 4 SEO companies and each and everyone uses the same lingo but suggests something very different to get your business growing.

When we get talking about keywords or plans, like any great marketers we engage in an in depth scoping or xyz Speak “Tell us about you exercise”. Once we have a a strong knowledge of your business we then go abouts designing a tailored SEO strategy and campaign using Online PR, Content Marketing and Technical work to drive the right types of traffic and customers to your site.

The method to our madness: How we drive online business growth
Google loves websites that are highly relevant to their desired customer bases and websites that are popular. Our approach to Organic Search Marketing or (..or SEO as some of our competition call it) is to understand your business and your clients and to boost the relevancy and authority of your site in these markets. This is done through a white hat means of Online PR, Content Marketing and Technical development work.. The convergence of expertise in these three areas is why our clients see strong SEO, Traffic and ranking growth not only in short term, but mid to long term too.

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