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Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the Online Marketing process of identifying and ranking your website for the correct keywords to attract local buyers of your product or service. Location based searches are usually the most conversion friendly and attract buyers that know exactly what they want and where. Local SEO Rankings for local keywords are easier to rank for and have a higher chance of conversion.

How can Local SEO drive your business?

Think about the times when you have been looking for a product or service in your area, a mechanic? A Plumber? Most of the times when you are looking for these you will look for a service provider that is close to you and appears on the first page of Google (at-least for 97% of us..) XYZ can help your business get infront of these hungry ready to buy customers through a customised Local SEO Campaign.

What we do for Local SEO Campaigns?

Our methodology for Local SEO campaigns has been honed in over many successful local campaigns.

There are 3 major elements for any local campaign

Market research: Identifying and researching your market online and where most the searches come from
Site Relevancy and Coding: Here we design suburb orientated landing pages to help your site rank at the top of Google for those localities and attact buyers in these markets.
Boosting local authority and popularity: Here we help push your site even further up the page on google through building up the local relevance of your site through linking and directories.
Why is this the best strategy for more leads and growth?

SEO at the end of the day is all about generating leads, business growth and ROI. This is all contingent on picking the right keywords to attract the right customers that will buy.

Local SEO and localised keywords offer you

Access to SEO rankings that are easier to attain
Put your site infront of traffic and buyers that have a much higher chance of conversion
Build up your local brand in your city

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